Citrus fruits: The Pulp Affection!

Citrus: Does the word ring a bell? Of course, how can it not when we have heard it everywhere, all the time, in everything, especially in summers. From wall color catalogues and menus to shampoos, face washes, nail polish or coming to think of it even maybe the new spring-summer collection of any xyz designer. There is a bit of citrus in almost everything, in everyone. But in this entire hubbub did you ever care to know what does “Citrus” mean? Or why is it called so? Or, why do they make such knock down summer drinks and what are its benefits?

With the advent of summer, the whole world seems to forget everything else but citrus and berries. With an intention to speak about berries in another post, here’s wee bit about your favorite summer fruit category that will tell you all about them. By the way, did you know that Citrus fruits are actually hesperidium, which means a specialised berry!


Owing its origin to the ancient Greek word, Kedros, which meant Cedar, the history of origin itself is bifurcated into two theories: the believable amongst the two is that probably due to its similarity in smell with that of cedar. To add, it is also known as agrumes, which means sour fruit.

Generally these plants are large shrubs with leaves that are evergreen and fruits that are globose with a leathery rind. Inside the rind are liths that are packed with pulp vesicles- yes, that’s the juice!

Minerals and vitamins in citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain flavonoids and limonoids which accounts for their fresh fragrances; clearly why they make such wonderful refreshers. The juice obtained from a citrus fruit also contains a very high amount of citric acid that gives it, its characteristic sharp and tart flavor. Also these are a good source of Vitamin C which in turn is a powerful antioxidant that releases our body of free radicals with the fresh enzymes playing its role.

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