Benefits of Sattu

Sattu, originally powdered roasted chick peas, have evolved with time to include with it other flours also. The traditional sattu has served humbly the people of Bihar and Jharkhand where the summer temperatures rose to unbearable heights even without global warming. Travelling long distances during these hot days were comfortable with an onion or two tied up in the turban and sattu tied to the cloth around the neck. Recent enquiries for research purposes drew only blank stares .So much so for the nutritious indigenous drink and food which is also cooling. It is better than any cold drink since it is nutritious and assimilated by the body easily. Sattu has its own benefits for all age groups.


  • Has a natural taste and easy to digest.
  • Can be eaten by all age groups and hence is good for first solid feeds.
  • The large insoluble fibre content makes it healthy for the intestines.
  • It helps to flush out the oil consumed in the diet.
  • It energises and refreshes immediately on consumption. Those who need a lot of stamina can rely on sattu.
  • Growing children are advised an intake of 2 tsp of sattu a day to take care of their nutritional needs.
  • It provides a balanced diet and also helps in achieving a glowing skin.
  • Diabetic conditions and blood pressure patients find it easy to cope with by consuming sattu.

So go ahead and have your sattu during these hot summer days!

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