Benefits of Cottage Cheese/ Paneer

The term Cottage cheese is believed to have originated from the practice of making it with any milk left over after making butter. It’s a cheese curd product with a very mild taste. Cottage cheese may be eaten plainly or with fruit, fruit puree, on toast, or in salads. It’s widely used as an ingredient in different cuisines for curries, desserts, stuffing for breads, etc.
•    High Protien content: It’s one of the most important sources of non-meat protein. A single serving of cottage cheese  has up to fifteen grams of protein, much of it in the form of casein, a slow digesting form of protein. No wonder people who are watching their diet and weight swear by it.
•    Low in Calories and Fat: Though it’s low on fat, it’s extremely filling. So even a small serving of cottage cheese preparation can satisfy your hunger without sending you on a guilt trip.
•    Rich in Calcium: Calcium plays a vital role in building strong bones and teeth and maintaining normal blood pressure. A diet of 70 gm of cottage cheese provides for your daily calcium quota. Regular intake of it prevents osteoporosis
•    Overall health: Cottage cheese is effective in reducing risks of developing insulin resistance syndrome and reduces cancer risk. It can prevent stomach disorders and also helps in lower, back and joint pain.

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