Benefits of Ash Gourd/ Winter Melon

The Ash Gourd also called white gourd or Winter melon is a native of South East Asia.  An uncut ash gourd has a shelf life for as long as 1 year. .In North India and Pakistan, the vegetable is used to prepare a sweet called Petha. In South India it is used to make curries and lentil preparations. Its medicinal properties are eulogized in Ayurveda.
•    Obesity: Being extremely low in calories, the ash gourd is used to treat obesity since it increases metabolism and prevents sugar from converting into fat
•    Stomach ailments: It’s used to expel tapeworms. Because of its alkaline properties it’s beneficial in reducing acidity. It eases constipation and boosts digestive health.
•    Respiratory ailments: Its intake relieves conditions like Cough, common cold, fever, influenza, bronchitis, sinusitis and even asthma
•    Oral health: It’s believed to cure mouth cancer and keeps the teeth and gums healthy. It also cures bleeding gums.
•    Urinary infection: It cures urinary dysfunction and infection, removes presence of blood cells in the urine and washes out waste products from the body.
•    Healthy Hair: The peel and seeds of ash gourd, boiled in coconut oil and applied to the scalp are useful for hair growth, dandruff and dryness of the scalp.

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