How to Select Good Apples and Store Them

Many times I would buy apples and only after biting into it I would find out that they were insipid. After a lot of trials and errors and tips from people and my own experience I’ve learnt how to tell a good apple from a not so good one.

  • It’s better to buy apples from a farmer’s market. They’re usually fresher than those in the supermarkets.
  • Choose apples that have a vibrant color.  The red apples should be deep red, while those that are partially red should have a yellow-green tinge.
  • Apples should feel firm to the touch and be free of bruises.
  • If you press the surface of the apple with a finger, the pressure should not leave a dent in it.
  • Avoid selecting apples that have brown spots or skin that appears wrinkled.
  • Good apples are relatively heavier for their size. So of the apples that are similar in size, pick up ones that are heavier.
  • Store your apples in a cool, dry place, preferably in a refrigerator.
  • Even good apples must have been treated with pesticides, so always wash your apples first before consuming.
  • Store apples in plastic bags with small holes punched through to keep moisture levels consistent.
  • Keep apples away from food like garlic that has strong odors so that apples don’t soak up these smells and tastes.
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