One word that many people associate with grapes is ‘juicy’. However there is more to this sweet juicy fruit. Grapes are a unique combination of tart, sweet flavour and texture. They have a refreshing taste and make an amazing addition to vegetable and fruit salads. Small oval or round in shape, these berries have semi-translucent flesh and a smooth skin. Seedless or with seeds, grapes have various types too such as the table grapes, wine grapes and raisin grapes.Having an abundant and long history, grapes have been cultivated from the prehistoric times. The earliest wines were grown in Egypt. It then slowly spread to Algeria, Western Asia, Morocco, India and Southern Europe. Many do not know that these delicious berries are high in nutrition too! Well, here we give you details on the same –

  1. Grapes are the one of the medicines used for asthma. They moisten the lungs and hence are effective in curing asthma.
  2. Grape is a laxative, so if you face problems with your stomach, this proves to be effective.
  3. One may also replenish iron content in the body with grapes and put off the fatigue.
  4. Grapes are great for your kidneys too as they eliminate uric acid and acidity from your kidneys.
  5. Bestowed with antiviral and antibacterial properties, this fruit helps in preventing fever and other illness.
  6. Increasing nitric acid levels in the blood, they also prevent clotting and hence, strike out chances of heart diseases or strokes.
  7. Grapes have properties that give you a sharp memory and reduces traces of Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. People obsessed with age should make it a point to eat grapes. It is because they have properties that prevent age related vision or muscular degeneration.

In the famous bedtime story ‘The fox and the grapes’, the fox did not know this valuable information before drawing the conclusion that ‘grapes are sour’ and walked off. However, now that you know  the plus points of grapes, you may not have second thoughts!


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