The Chilly Chime

What do you think of when the word chilly is said aloud? Spicy, hot, fire and everything in those lines right? Ever thought healthy? I am sure not, but of course the otherwise if you knew why I am calling it healthy.Chillies have been stalking a lot of cookbooks, namely say, Indian, Chinese and Mexican. Apart from its incredible capacity of bringing spice tears, it also brings incredible flavour into the dish. It is one major detoxifier; it removes all waste products from the body and increases the supply of nutrients into the tissues in your body. It also acts as a gastrointestinal detoxicants that helps in the digestion of food. Doesn’t it do a lot? There is more to come though.

Chillies are also antioxidants, so they destroy cholesterol that is responsible for many heart diseases like atherosclerosis, cataract and arthritis. It even has the capacity to dilate the airway and hence, reducing the severity of asthma and wheezing. Ever in pain and you think of popping a pill, think twice when you have a natural pain killer. Yes, chilly acts like a natural pain killer. It stimulates the release of endorphins that are natural pain killers. But just like many painkillers, chillies are addictive too because the release of endorphins give a sense of pleasure when ingested, so be sure you do not get too used to it because remember, too much of something does you no good.

Think a few more times before you spend a few thousands to lose weight in a gym. Eating chillies can be your own personal workout session because chillies increase the metabolism rate. If your friend cannot get rid of his cigarette habit, don’t worry; add a little “spice” into his life with some chillies that acts like an anti-inflammation agent. Include this fruit found in 7000 B.C. in your diet and make your life spicy!

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