Benefits of chocolates

Are you one of them who think that chocolate is Satan’s own dessert and brings only bad teeth and unwanted, empty calories? We say re-think, for chocolates have found its use in numerous cures that includes the bigger players like shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, fatigue, tuberculosis, depression et al.According to the current nutritional survey, chocolate has been identified as a food with many nutritional values and regular use of chocolates in limited quality can actually keep some big diseases at bay, apart from it being a great mood lifter and anti-depressant.

Here are few nutritional advantages of chocolates that probably you have never heard:

  1. Cacao, from which chocolate is made, contains flavonoids that reduce high Blood Pressure, balances it and also aids in blood clotting.
  2. Chocolates increase the rate of blood flow to the key areas of brain which keeps ageing, sleepiness and tiredness at bay.
  3. Chocolates also reduce pre-menstrual and post-menstrual symptoms; its caffeine content aids as a powerful mood lifter.
  4. A few square or slabs of chocolate everyday decreases the risk of heart-malfunctions.
  5. Chocolates also increase metabolism, lowers LDL cholesterol and elevates HDL cholesterol
  6. Cocoa contains traces of theobromine that reduces congestion too

WOW! Who told us not to have chocolates? Show yourselves.


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