What are we cooking today? The slurrpylicious Marzipan!

What is Marzipan? Peter Pan’s favorite chew and Persipan’s rich cousin, a delicious confection made out of powdered sugar and almond meal; Marzipan recipes are a Christmas special – rather a must have without which your Christmas Dinner is completely incomplete.

Marzipans are easy Christmas recipes made from almond paste and sugar, and shaped into fruits, animals and candies or are used as Christmas cakes and chocolate fillings. In case you are an almond fan, it is also used as a cake cover like fondant. And whether you find it too unhealthy or not, or maybe a little outdated in a day like today where liquor-filled, fine Swiss chocolates grace your tables, Marzipan sweets do bring in the Christmas cheer quite effectively and takes once you learn how to make Marzipan sweets. Marzipans have not evolved over time and yet retain its loyal fan base which is proof enough for the fact that this is a classic and it’s going to stay forever: whether at your table or in the hearts of men.

Ideally, a marzipan should be made with almonds that are 2/3rd by weight to that of sugar, but honestly, it’s good to keep a balance between healthy Christmas recipes and easy Christmas sweets. We’ll choose the former with a twist.




  • Almonds (peeled or unpeeled): 1 cup
  • Boiling water: 2 cups
  • Sugar: 2/3rd cup


  • Boil the almonds and peel them if unpeeled.
  • Dunk almonds and sugar into a food processor.
  • Pour water and blend away till a fine consistency is reached.
  • You can check in between for a grainy consistency. If its too grainy, give it a blitz for another 3 min.
  • Scrape it out like a dough, use colors and moulds to shape it or store in ziplock bags for future use.


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