Kansar- A Gujarati Sweet dish

This is my family’s favourite sweet dish and is always in demand when there is a family get together. We make this sweet dish very often during Diwali and other festivities. Unlike other deserts that are eaten after meals, this one is a part of the wholesome Gujarati thaali served. Hope you enjoy this recipe.Ingredients:
200 gms Thick wheat flour – wheat rava
60 gms Jaggery
50 gms to 70gms water
50 gms ghee
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
50 gms sugar powder

How to make Kansar Sweet dish :

Add and mix 25 gms ghee into thick flour. Add jaggery in water and heat it on the gas. Once the jaggery starts dissolving in the water, add the above given thick flour to it. Stir and mix it properly. Reduce the gas flame, and cover the pan. Keep stirring every now and then. When water completely disappears and colour of flour changes, shut the gas and remove the mixture from the gas. This is called Kansar. Remove it in a serving plate or pan.

To serve, form a heap of the Kansar on a dish. Add ghee and sugar powder to this. Mix it well. Sprinkle cardamom powder on the heap evenly. It is one of the yummiest sweet dishes of this cuisine and makes for an exotic mouth watering experience.

Prep Time:15 Min
Cook Time:15 Min

Rating: 4,
3 reviews
  1.  Bhanuben…this is excellent….recipe…!! .easy to follow…So
    this Kansar…is same as.. like gor no siro…..one qus..just wanted to ask
    you..if we add extra sugar..while serveing..will it not be extra
    sweet…I’m sure it will be optional.. so could please..explain..!… that’s all…look really
    yummy..so will have try Kansar…not this wk/end…may be…coming
    wk/end…x..Thanks to you all…. talented ladies….xx

  2. Niveditavashi says:

    Very good receipe. I was looking for an authentic receipe for kansar. Thanks.

  3. Niveditavashi says:

    No Manjuben this is not gol no shiro. Kansar is different. It tastes good if you add sugar to it.

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