Cake Pops

Okay ladies, Valentines day is round the corner and how could we not start letting out some freshly mastered Valentines day recipes! From cake pops to romantic one pot dinners, from cherry topped brownies for letting the sweet talk carry on to chocolate and honey fondue with strawberries! We’ve got you some extraordinary and simple Valentine Day Recipes that look and taste extraordinary with practically no effort. So ready to copy?

We’ll begin this Valentine’s Day marathon with a cake pops recipe. Little spheres of cake based desserts that melt in your mouth; our Valentines day cake pops are easy to make, tastes wonderful and is loved by both sexes. Basically, cake pops are more like lollipops that are dipped in chocolate or caramel and are sprinkled with cake toppers. Fora cake pops recipe you are given the opportunity to be innovative – from pretty in pink to nautical to bulls eye to Halloween specials to tiny little hearts- the possibilities are endless. They are great to start a conversation with your Valentine. Time to get him to pop the question with your version of cake pops!

So, here are the..


  • 1 cake of any flavor: chocolate or vanilla is preferred.
  • 3/4 can vanilla frosting
  • 3 packages white chocolate
  • 50 cake-pop sticks
  • Pastel colored hundreds and thousands
  • Cake pop stand


  • Crumble the cake in a bowl
  • Add to that vanilla frosting and mix well.
  • Now shape them to small rounds and stick a pop stick through each of them
  • Melt white chocolate in a double boiler
  • Dipcake pops to coat them in white chocolate completely
  • Sprinkle hundreds and thousands and let dry

Note: You can use dark chocolate and caramel as well (Add that lil zing this Valentine’s Day).

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