Happy #SmallSizeDiwali with 6 Simple Changes!

Dear readers, hope you are enjoying every bit of your festive time. Diwali is the triumph of goodness over evil. Let this triumph, in its micro level, be your own triumph against those habits which you always wanted to change. Let this #SmallSizeDiwali be the start of a new, healthy lifestyle for you. Diwali is all about sharing and spreading goodness all around. So spread the knowledge of these simple changes by sharing this information with your loved ones! Happy #SmallSizeDiwali to each one of you. Enjoy!


fireworks and diwali crackers


1. Share those fireworks: Instead of celebrating Diwali with just a handful of your closed ones, celebrate with the underpriviledged. Give away some of those crackers to your driver, liftman and sweeper. Donate half of those crackers to the poor kids at the traffic signal. Even if you burst less crackers, your Diwali will be as blessed as ever!


aerated beverages


2. Diwali parties are not about drinking loads of aerated beverages and feeling bloated. Enjoy #SmallSizeDiwali by practicing portion control. If you have to drink aerated beverages, limit to only a glassful. Better still, opt for a fruit juice instead.


healthy gifts


3. Instead of spending on those ghee-rich and sugar-loaded Indian sweets, celebrate the healthy #SmallSizeDiwali by gifting beautiful and fresh fruit baskets instead. Gift your loved ones good health, not cholesterol. If you have to gift sweets, opt for the healthy and low-fat ones.




4. Eat everything, but in less quantities. This is the key to #SmallSizeDiwali. In this way, you enjoy your festive comfort food, without putting on weight later.


small size kadhai


5. Share your food. If you are offered a big laddoo, break it and distribute to few of your friends. In this way, you are still eating a delicious laddoo, but not too much of it!


healthy eating choices


6. Opt for healthy choices on this #SmallSizeDiwali. Watch what you are eating. Don’t eat deep-fried foods. Instead, opt for baked or air-fried snacks.

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