Pepper Mint Schnapps

Peppermint originates from the leafy shackles of Mentha Piperita, the leaves of which douche the drink that is Peppermint Schnapps. The name itself is suggestive of some exciting concoction that s(ch)naps open all your hidden senses.

A point of note is the significance of fresh peppermint leaves in the drink. Irrespective of whether you chose to buy it off market stalls or breed the plant at the window of your kitchen, the leaves should be plucked early in the day after the dew has settled and before the leaves have flowered. That is when they nestle the highest concentration of peppermint oil.

The idea is to infuse as much essence and flavor as possible into your drink. But patience is a virtue you will have to instill during the making of this alluring delight.

While making it in the comfort of your kitchen, do not forget to lay stress on the presentation aspect of it. After-all cocktails are not just about the thirsts and tastes.


  • A glass of Peppermint leaves
  • 3/4th bottle Unflavored Vodka


  • Rinse the peppermint leaves with utmost care. They bruise easily. Also check for spots and insect infiltrations.
  • Let the leaves dry in a warm place away from the sun.
  • Fill 3/4th of the glass jar with the leaves
  • Pour in the unflavored vodka to fill up the remains of the jar and secure the lid tightly around the bottle.
  • Store the bottle at room temperature in some dark corner of your kitchen for anywhere between 4 to 14 days.
  • Tend to it regularly during that phase; in the sense shake it and taste from time to time to record its progress.
  • Now, strain out the liquid into another clean jar.
  • Pack it off for another bout of sabbatical and this time a month long one.
  • And now you can serve it with crushed ice.
  • For garnishing you can play around peppermint leaves or lime wedges. Dip the rim of your glass in lime and sugar before pouring your drink into it.

Time: 1 1/2 month

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