Akshay Kumar’s Favorite Food

Akshay Kumar

Proficient in the field of Martial Arts, and a true Punjabi at heart; Akshay Kumar is the ultimate Khiladi of Bollywood! After leaving his home-town in Amritsar, Amritsar, this brown-eyed boy juggled between being a Chef at a Thai restaurant and pursuing his interest in Martial Arts.

This stud still gives the young lads a run for their money with his lean, chiseled body! And let’s not forget the women who would give their left arm to get a piece of him. Well, sorry ladies as Akki always has a ‘Twinkle’ in his eye! A passionate foodie in his own right, the Patiala House ka Punjabi munda believes in one thing – food from outside is a strict NO! Home cooked food is what he thrives on. If you are looking for something on similar lines, check out what Akki loves to eat.

This Singh who is King, unlike other Punjabis loves his food with one particular flavor. The dish on top of the list has been and still is – Thai green curry. This delicious dish has a divine aroma and is a pure delight. After trying your hand at the recipe below, while you are at it, check out Akshay’s first international home production venture, ‘Speedy Singhs’, now in cinemas!





Thai green curry

Thai Green Curry is surely one of the highlights that come… Read more


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