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Pav Bhaji

A few days back my 3 year old daughter with enthusiasm asked us, when we will take her to see a place called, Mumbai.  Puzzled, we explained to her that she was born in Mumbai and that someday we will go back. Having lived in Delhi for almost two years now, she has no memories of her first year of childhood in Mumbai.  We later learnt that at school, the theme for the week was to learn about ‘The State of Maharashtra’. The school had organised, cultural activities centred on ‘Maharashtra’ and she was asked to bring along in her tiffin the famous Mumbai dish ‘Pav Bhaji’.

Re-kindled with the memories of Mumbai, I took this chance to make the Pav Bhaji for our breakfast too! Thoughts of the days when we had a great time enjoying the yummiest kind of street foods (the Galli khana!) still linger in us.

The term ‘Pav Bhaji’ means bread/buns served with a spicy concoction of various vegetables-‘the bhaji’. This speciality of Mumbai is a fabulous dish which is commonly a chat-patta (spicy) street food served by road side vendors, who prepare the spicy mixed vegetables, on the spot on a big tawa (griddle) placed over large stoves and then serve it with hot, buttered and toasted buns/bread rolls.

I gave it my best shot to replicate the taste of the ‘Mumbai Pav Bhaji’ , so go on to taste and try the exciting ‘Pav Bhaji’ in your kitchen too!

Ingredients for Pav Bhaji


Method for Tawa toasted Pav:

To Serve Pav Bhaji:

Preparation Time:45 minutes


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