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Masala Dal Chapatti: Indian Bread Made of Cooked Lentil & Wheat Flour

This recipe could be a cross between the Thepla and the Daal paratha. Since this is an outcome of one of my experiments and for lack of a better term, I’d like to call it the Masala Dal Chapatti. It’s not a paratha because it has no stuffing and it’s not quite a thepla too per se. I had some left over dal from the previous day and I mixed it with the chapatti dough, added a few masalas and made it like a regular chappati. Well the dal I made had some grated coconut, coriander and green chilies. If you have plain dal and if you want to try this recipe, here’s how to do it.



Preparation time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2

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