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Baba Ganoush: A Lebanese Delicacy

Baba Ganoush

Tried every baba in the country for happiness and peace of mind? Did the diamonds and flashy gold not work to bring you smile? Today at the Slurrpy kitchen we are going to take you to one more, just one last baba that will definitely give you that peace of mind that you’ve wanted.

Welcome to this authentic peace-platter that, with its power of eggplant, garlic, lime and kosher salt, drives away all your sadness and brings in peace: well, a wee bit of gluttony too! You’ll really not like sharing this! Welcome Baba Ganoush to your home, an authentic cuisine from Lebanon that takes you by the tastebuds and is extremely easy to make.


Baba Ganoush

Time taken: 30 min

Taste-o-meter: non-spicy






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