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Bungalow 9’s Secret Recipes

A rendezvous with executive chef Rajeev Basak on a balmy afternoon took us through the alleys to Bungalow 9 – a century and half (150 year)  old British bungalow, a shuttered tobacco factory now renovated into a haute restro – and through the maze of culinary delights that made us lose ourselves and our taste buds!

Constructed over an area of 20,000 sq. feet. on 9, St. John Baptist road, Bandra, this sprawling restaurant in the heart of one of the most posh suburbs of Mumbai was born barely 9 months ago: with its old school ambience, chic and very British decor and an amazing menu that today it is undougtedly one of the most romantic eateries of the suburbs in our books, comes to us as no surprise. From table scape to the table arrangement, from listing of the wines to the choice of seating options- everything spells oh-so-spacious.


Well, the gigantic size and the old school charm seems not to be the only reason why you’d love to go back to Bungalow 9. It is also their expansive food and wine menu that lets you explore a bit more of the world. “From standard European fares to open kiln pizzas, grilled meats, sushi, Burmese, Thai and Sri Lankan cuisines: you’ll have a choice of experiencing different continents, yes”.

And while you are here, here are some ultimate scrumptiousness that you just must experience.

Chef’s signature – Cream of garlic with mushroom phyllo, mango granita and a swish of family reserve picual olive oil

Chicken and shiitake mushroom dim sum

Burmese chicken Khowsuey

And remember not to miss Jack Daniels whisky and cream with cookie crumbles.

And now, ladies and gentleman brace yourself for the recipe of the famous bestseller of Bungalow 9, thanks to executive Chef Rajeev basak for letting us sneak in his kitchen perfecto.

Also, though Slurrpy is all about CIY (yes, cook it yourself version of DIY) we strongly recommend a visit to this culinary clinic that’ll heal you out of mediocre eating disease. Bon Appetit!

Chef’s Signature- Cream of Garlic with mushroom phyllo



Ah! why are we hungry again!

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