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10 Things to Eat Before You Die(t)

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“This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”—Chuck Palahniuk

Let’s make the best of it! And coming from us, the best can only hover around the olfactory and the taste buds. Well, with so many alluring foods in the world, the number 10 doesn’t do much justice to it, does it? But this is the least we can probably do when we are running short of time. So, what if you die tomorrow? Be not afraid ‘coz you’ve eaten the essential ‘10 things to eat before you die’. A place in heaven, guaranteed.

1. Champagne and Strawberries: A must try, this one, there is nothing more plush a refresher alcohol than champagne coupled with strawberries. Well, pretty luscious too.

2. Eggs Benedict: A platter that’s made of English muffins, topped with fried bacons or hams, poached or half fried eggs and hollandaise sauce. Waking up could never feel better

3. Avial: When you say, stew, this is the penultimate. A preparation arising from the state of Kerala, India, one can actually swear by Avial. A fragrant mix of vegetables, coconut milk and slow cooking, Avial is particularly at it best when served with steamed rice.

4. Fondue (Chocolate or Cheese): Ah, that dip. That dip that travels deep into your stomach paving way for happiness. A Swiss communal delicacy, that is basically melted chesse or chocolate kept at its liquid state by a small burner and used as a dip, fondues are great to die for. Umm, live for!

5. Pecking Duck: A duck specially bred for the purpose, trust us when we say, you’ve had nothing till you had the rich, golden, crispy duck meat from Beijing!

6. Momo/ Dim Sum: Meat or vegetables wrapped in dough and steamed. They are succulent, juicy, fragrant and you’d just keep asking for more. Choose your stuffing ‘coz you’ll indefinitely end up stuffing yourself with these.

7. Iranian Beluga Caviar: Sturgeon Roe. Yes, that’s right. That’s our Caviar. But, hey, here’s the dope. Beluga Caviar or the roe is taken off the albino beluga sturgeon when they reach the age of 60 and extending up to 80. Reasons for it being expensive, we guess?

8. Baklava: Layers of phyllo dough, honey, pistachio and walnuts. Layers of ecstasy! Having originated from the Ottoman Empire, this Turkish Delight has taken the world by its sweet and nutty flavor.

9. Pork Vindaloo: Goa, it is again! This tangy, spicy delicacy from Goa has a charm of its own. Basically meat in curry, that is made of special spices, this you can have it on your dying day too. Brings back life in you, we swear.

10.  Eat from your kitchen garden: Trust us, there is ain’t no nothing like plucking a tomato from your kitchen garden and digging your teeth in. That is the true ultimate food delight. Even some mint leaves will do.


Start eating now, for tomorrow, we may die(t)!


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