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Milk Day: The White Festival

People never fall short on finding occasions to celebrate. You may find the oddest things marked on calendars across the world.

So, let us start this new year with something wholesome and comforting. Celebrated in North America , “The Milk Day” is a unique symbolization of the day when milk was first delivered in bottles.On January 11, 1878 milk was first reported to be delivered in bottles. Before this, the Americans got their milk delivered in large metal cans and the milkman ladled a portion to individuals.

There is not a single aspect of health that is untouched by the goodness of milk. Known as the complete food, why don’t you explore some of the delectable recipes mentioned below.

Don’t be left behind and be a part of the delicious celebrations.

Some benefits of this white liquid:

Muscles: Proteins like casein present in milk can help muscle rebuild after physical activity. So yes, that yummy milkshake is a perfect post workout dish.

Bones: Drinking milk every day may significantly reduce risk of bone diseases and maintain bone density.

Sleep: A glass of milk before bed is a great remedy for disturbed sleep and as some studies show can also help cure insomnia.

Nail, hair and skin: Milk has has some of the vital nutrients that help maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. Proteins, lipids, Vitamin A , B6, biotin and potassium present in milk keeps your hair soft and nails shiny.

Take a dive into our milky recipies

 Semiya Kheer

 Dry dates and Fig Milkshake

 Channar Payesh

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