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Herbed Chicken, Steamed Rice and Tossed Veggies

Herbed Chicken

Welcome to yet another fantastic, easy, 15 minute dinner recipe: specially crafted for your Valentines Day. We’ll have to tell you a wee story about how this recipe came along. So, me and the husband kept shuffling for things to eat on a hot Friday night – the idea was to have a quiet dinner in our living room and something that takes 15 minute or less for he wants me to watch a movie with him. The husband gets really irritated if I am in the kitchen for more than 20 min. “You are missing the movie”, “What are you doing in there?”, “We should fix you in the kitchen somewhere”, etc., happens. That also triggered a question: What is more important to you? Getting good food on the table or quality time with your loved ones? Well, the main reason behind “having dinner together” is togetherness and often not the food. What do you do if your Valentine wants you to be with him on the day and you have just 15 min to fix a table? You make a quick-fix meal!


Herbed Chicken, Steamed Rice and Tossed Veggies





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