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Priya Ananthakrishnan

Priya photoIf I am to describe myself in just a word, I would say I’m  a thorough ‘foodie’.

Other adjectives like ‘ambitious’, ‘independent’, ‘intelligent’ are way too ambiguous and are situation- dependent. Whereas, the word ‘foodie’ gets straight to the point, a person who loves to eat and well, in my case cook too!! When I’m happy I like to eat, when I’m sad, I love to eat too. I guess I’m running the risk of being labeled a glutton. But no, I’m not, it’s simple, I just love food. There are girls/women I know who do not come out forthright about their love for food, because women stereo-typically must be fussy about food, and just nibble to maintain their waist-lines. But I got lucky finding my life partner, my husband because amongst other things he was floored by my confession- that I love food!!

Well apart from food, my life revolves around art work, a lot of handicraft, recycling everything  from used ice-cream sticks to empty cartons to coconut shells. Having had a corporate life for a considerable period of time, I’m now into writing and recruitment. I do love photography and painting and hope to put up an exhibition soon sometime with my collection.

All in all, working on different things keeps me motivated in life!!

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