Partner with Slurrpy

Slurrpy offers a number of ways to work with food brands and products. We can help you in achieving your company goals by spreading the word about your company’s products.

Recipe development: We can showcase unique, tasty and fun recipes for your brand. We can also develop recipes for your own publications or for promotional purpose.

Product reviews and giveaways: We would love to review your brand’s ingredients or food products. If your product fits our readers’ interests, we would love to host a giveaway for you, by clubbing it with social media campaigns.

Sponsored posts and social media: We can write sponsored content for you on our website. We have a cross section of foodies, chefs, food bloggers and influencers. Through the effective use of social media, we can help you to spread the word about your brand and reach a wider audience. We can also do social media campaigns for you!

Designing your food website and generating food content: We have a team of experts who will help you to design your company’s website in a professional manner. We can provide you with quality food-based content.

Freelance food writing/Editorials/newsletters: We also do editorial writing and we can manage the designing and content for your company’s newsletters.

Please feel free to drop us your idea at, on how you and your brand would like to collaborate with us. We are working on developing a community page for our readers across the globe, which will further open up further avenues.