The efficient foodie and the girl who has an access to all the great restaurant kitchens in the world. What makes you a reviewer!
Eat to live they say, eh! But how about, I love to binge and live to eat? Sweet our sour, veggies or meat, tangy or fiery, it’s all so scrumptious, you just cant leave it all. Food is that ‘one thing’ that can change my mood like the speed of lightening. Good or bad! Infact I’ll go as far as to say that even the smell of it can uplift all my 5 senses.
I have a favorite quote from the movie spider-man. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. And the power to eat in my belief is the best power every human being has. Hence, in turn it is my responsibility to let all my foodie buddies know where the best mouth watering savories lie hidden. Watch out for me then! Your dish might be the next one on the slurrpy block.