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Noronha’s Egg Curry

Yes! I can sense the thoughts that occur in your mind about the strange name this recipe has. Well here’s the tale the recipe brings with it- Noronha is my maiden surname. This recipe got its name from us when we were kids.

We (my sis and I) spent our vacations every year at grandma’s place.  Like most of the kids our age we hated veggies, so at grandma’s her Egg curry and rice was always in demand. But with grandma not around anymore, we thought it also meant the end of our favourite egg curry (a simple thought in a child’s world). Later on we discovered that Grandma’s Egg curry was prepared at aunt’s place too and so we insisted that mom learns it too and decided to name it ‘Noronha’s egg Curry’.

This recipe has been handed down from generation to generation even across the Indian shores. My sister and I, now carry on this legacy in our homes.

Ingredients for the Egg Gravy:


P.S: To give it a different touch you can also add an omelette instead of boiled eggs.


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