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Pay attention to your refrigerator!

There is one thing that is more hard working than your super mom at home! It goes by the name of, ‘Refrigerator’. When you need a glass of cold water or when you suddenly stir up the urge to have a glass of chilled beer that is left over from yesterday’s party, where do you go? Straight to the refrigerator! We all know that the refrigerator is where your chef stores all those delicious dishes and other perishable delicacies as well.

However, the refrigerator does tend to get pretty filthy and stained really fast. Just imagine yourself hosting a party at your home and your refrigerator is looking like the crypt keeper storing souls instead of delicious food! Scary, isn’t it? So go ahead, scrub scrub scrub!

If you are doing it, then do it right! Here is how you can in six easy ways:

  1. The first step is pretty simple. Empty your refrigerator, remove all food products and store
    them separately till you finish cleaning. Throw the ones you will not require and also the
    ones which are spoiled. Seriously! Why would you want to keep spoiled food?
  2. Vinegar is one liquid which is very effective in removing stains from the fridge. So take a
    large bowl and mix a solution of half vinegar and half lukewarm water.
  3. As they say, ‘If you are clean from within, you have nothing to fear!’ So see to it that you clean the inner side of your fridge thoroughly, including the shelves and the sides, using a wash cloth or sponge dipped in the bowl of vinegar solution.
  4. Baking soda works well on stains too, so you can add baking soda to the solution or simply
    pour some on the sponge. Using it, scrub all the dried food particles and stains away. There
    will definitely be some stains that are really difficult to get rid of. So for them, use
    100% vinegar.
  5. After using baking soda and vinegar, rinse the interior and exteriors of fridge with only
  6. The last step is using a dry cloth or towel to wipe the inside of the fridge, leaving it
    completely dry. You can then restore all the food items back in your refrigerator.

These six simple and easy steps can work wonders in keeping your refrigerator free of all the ugly
looking stains and messy spots. So go ahead, and work your way to get a much cleaner appliance!

Be Cool and Stay Clean


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