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Olive a party!

Many of us including me, love that little black chops in our meal. That sour tint in our food makes us go ”wow”. Many of us love our subways because of these tiny black chops. So what are these tiny black chops I am talking about? They are black olives. Its not just the flavor that makes us go ”muah” but its hidden secrets too. Secrets slipped out down here:It has some major antioxidant properties and helps in the oxidation of cholesterol. Apart from that these olives contain fats, but don’t worry you won’t grow fat. These fats are mono-saturated fats that increases the amount of good cholesterol in your body and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

These olives come from trees that look like the ones in our thriller novels. They don’t come onto earth in this form, they turn from green to purple and from purple to black and black depicts its ripest stage. Its natures own magic! While olives are not usually eaten raw because of its strong bitterness, some have a taste for this so, they just pluck it off the trees while the rest is processed to give it a better taste. So you know the drill, get prettier, healthier and wiser with just some delicious olives in your meal.

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