Kitchenette Do’s and don’t

For the queen of the house her kitchenette area has to be user friendly, clean and inviting. Here are a few do’s and don’t to help you for easy cooking and utility. Share with us a few of your ideas too in this area.

  • Water in which you wash rice and vegetables, do not throw it away. It can be used to water your plants. The nutrients will help them grow well.
  • A few drops of castor oil to coconut oil to prevent the latter from congealing during winter.
  • After slicing jackfruit, or any sticky vegetable, hold the knife on fire for a few seconds and wipe with a rag.
  • To sharpen the blades of a mixer, run the mixer with three-four tablespoons of salt once a month.
  • To give a rich brown colour to your rice in pulao or biryanni, add one teaspoon of sugar to the hot oil and stir till the sugar melts. Then add all the other ingredients and cook in the usual manner.
  • When in plenty, puree tomatoes and pour into ice trays. Remove when frozen. Preserve the frozen cubes in a jar and use when required.
  • To make the griddle non-stick heat it over the flame, apply plenty of oil and bring to smoking point. Put off the flame and use it as a non-stick girdle.
  • Never scrub the girdles with abrasive scrubbers or harsh detergents.
  • Keep a piece of cut lemon with the cut side placed on a saucer to prevent it from drying up
  • An easy, effective way of greasing a griddle/tawa for making dosas is by using a half-sliced onion dipped in oil. Hold the onion by piercing with a fork.
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