Home is where the heart is!

This title is so true, be it a vacation or an official trip, every one waits to come back to their home. This beautiful nest that we build is not just those bricks and walls but the love that keeps us binding and loving. In many homes the woman is the core keeper of its cleanliness and pleasant appeal. There are homes were the work is shared among family members to strive and maintain a clean and tidy home. Shared here are a few tips that could help you clean it right!

Home Tips:

  • Clean the screens of doors and windows with a kerosene –dipped cloth to remove rust and even keep flies away.
  • To clean artificial flowers, place them in a paper bag with ¼ th cup of salt and gently shake the bag. The flowers will be spotlessly clean.
  • Metal artefacts can be kept them shinning for long if coated with colourless lacquer, after they are polished.
  • To keep the refrigerator odour-free, remove the contents, sprinkle some soda bicarbonate on a damp sponge and scrub the sides, shelves and compartment. Rinse and clean with a wet sponge.
  • Wipe clean the wooden furniture before using wax polish or else the dirt will be trapped inside.
  • Dip incense sticks in Baygon liquid spray and light when dried. This will keep away mosquitoes.


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