All about cheese: Part 1

A nutritious and, forget nutritious, yum food made from milk, the origin of which dates back to almost 4000 years, Cheese is counted amongst the oldest of processed food that shows signs of being born in the prehistoric times. Without much blah over why you should eat cheese, (what do you mean by why? You must eat cheese or your taste buds are a waste), let’s give you some names of cheeses that’s beyond the packaged Brittania cheese, their specialty and with what does it tastes best. We know you will eat cheese.Gouda: Named after the Dutch town Gouda, 60% of this cheese is produced in Holland alone and is a creamery hard cheese with a waxed rind. Initially sweet and fruity, its taste intensifies with time, reason why it goes especially well with fruits and wines and works well as both a table and a dessert cheese.

Ambert: Made of Goat’s milk, this cheese is specially made in the village of Saint-Just, and is a farmhouse cheese “with an affinage of ten days.” With a soft, un-pressed pâté and a natural mould rind, this cheese is recommended with rose or red wines and makes for exceptional table cheese.

Bleu d’Auvergne: A traditional farmhouse and creamery cheese, this cheese is specially known for its even spread veins and moist creamy texture with a tart and gluey taste with hints of herbed butter. Use it in salads with nuts and mushrooms for experiencing its full flavor.

Cheddar: The most eaten and purchased cheese in the world, Cheedar is a fully cured hard and natural cheese which has a slightly crumbly texture, however that depends on the fact whether or not it is fully cured. Like Gouda, Cheddar matures overtime too and has a sharp taste. Not really a table cheese, this one, although bite size of this with port and a couple of grapes do taste nice.

Camembert de Normandie: A very famous French cheese, Camembert owes its origin to the 18th century small village of Norman, where it was originally creates- a dry and yellow brown cheese that after repeated modifications is now more earthy. Try this delicate salty, crumbly and creamy cheese, try this with some good red wine like St. Emilion wine or the likes.

Emmental: produced in the central cantons of Switzerland, Emmental is a traditional and unpasteurized cheese that’s made from cows milk and gives off a sweet aroma of fresh hay. Fruity but with hints of acidic tones it is Emmental that Jerry has in Tom and Jerry! With walnut sized holes that are darn complicated to produce through fermentation process, this wine is particularly good with a glass of Jura Blanc.


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