A few handy tips which could help…

For all my fellow bloggers and readers – these are a few handy hints/tips which I have shared from my ‘handy booklet’. Some of you may already know about these tips, as for those who don’t, you can try and implement them. The daily course of life keeps us spinning like wheels, so along the journey of life,  lets impart a little of our knowledge to those around, it will only do us good, no harm for sure.

A-Keep it sparkling!!

  • To clean glass doors, window panes and glass tables – use old, clean news paper. Spray a few drops of fresh water on the area to be cleaned and wipe it with a piece of news paper. It will shine in no time.
  • If silver jewellery turns black, put in a sauce pan, add water and some pieces of potato; boil for 10 minutes. Your jewellery will shine.
  • To bring back the sparkle in you brass articles, make a paste of 1tsp maida (all purpose flour), 1tbsp salt, and vinegar. Apply this on the brass articles and leave for 10 minutes. Wash and polish with a soft cloth. It will shine like new.

B- Good-bye to greasy stains…

  • To clean greasy and oily kitchen napkins soak them in a mixture of water and gram flour for ½ hour before washing.
  • To remove stains from any cloth, apply kerosene first and then rub a piece of lemon on it; follow by scrubbing with soap and rinse. Dry white clothes in the sun and coloured clothes in the shade.

C- Something fishy

  • Boiled fish keeps white and firm if a few drops of vinegar are added to the boiling water. Lemon juice has the same effect.
  • While washing the fish apply gram flour and keep it for 5 minutes before washing it clean. This helps to keep the odour away.

D- Dry those tears!

  • While chopping onions, keep a lit candle nearby. This will help you chop without your eyes watering.
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