A few handy suggestions for your kitchen and easy cooking…

The festive week has been long and never ending! After all those busy cooking, sharing and eating days, now back to the normal routine reminds me of all that mess and cleaning to be done! Listed here in this article I have shared a few handy suggestions which I had in mind to put down for this week’s ‘Handy Hints’.

For your kitchen:

  • Once in few days, disinfect your cutting boards and knives in hot water, by adding to it, bleach and vinegar. The bleach disinfects it and vinegar gets rid of bad odours.
  • Also to clean the cutting boards you can use a paste made from 1 tbsp of soda bicarbonate, salt and water. Scrub it well and rinse thoroughly with hot water.
  • Keep fresh peels of lime or orange inside the kitchen cupboards and storage areas to keep away those pests and insects.
  • Throw in a few pieces of naphthalene balls near the dustbin to keep away the foul odour. Also keep those dust bins closed during the night time!
  • An easiest way to pick-up those broken glass fragments from the floor/anywhere is to press a slice of bread over the area.
  • To get rid of those smelly egg stains from a cloth, scrape off the deposits and then wipe with cold salted water.

For easy cooking:

  • Keep cottage cheese fresh for a longer time, wrap it up in blotting paper and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Curry leaves when stored in a steel air tight container will keep fresh for a longer time.
  • Having trouble removing the husk of that coconut – Well keep it in water for half an hour before use and then remove the husk.
  • If heating milk, first rinse a pan with some cold water, and then pour milk in it and heat. This will prevent the milk from getting burnt at the bottom of the pan.
  • If at the nick of time you discover that your chicken curry has turned out spicy! Just add generous amounts of whipped yoghurt to it. The yoghurt will not only help cut down the spice but also improve the taste.
  • If the brown sugar gets too hard and stubborn, just microwave it for sometime or melt over flame by putting the sugar in a bowl placed inside another bowl of water. Let the water boil well and keep stirring the sugar to melting point!
  • To retain the colour and avoid blackening of eggplant, add a spoonful of milk to a bowl of water and then add the cut pieces of eggplant to this water.
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