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Celery- The secret formula to sound health!

A biennial plant in reality, Celery is one of the most common household staple diet. Celery has a crunchy texture and an amazingly distinctive flavour. Its blends perfectly with salads and cooked dishes. Belonging to the Apiaceae species that is linked to parsley, fennel, carrot and dill, it is available the whole year. However, the best time to consume it is in the summer season. The varieties are grown locally and found easily in many markets.

In the early 1856, a Scotsman by the name of Taylor grew celery for the first time. This happened in a place called Kalamazoo. People were amazed by this and the ones located at Burdick hotel were curious to find out more. To explore further, in 1866, a gardener named Cornelius De Bruyn came from Netherlands and ended up developing a modern kind of celery from the soup celery. The Dutch farmers did not stay far behind and in 1872 turned the Kalamazoo mucklands into vast celery fields. As this plant had medicinal values, a man named J.S. Dunkley made condiments and medicines from it and sold them. Kalamazoo celery became well known nationwide. After that there was no looking back!

Coupled with a wonderful taste, a perfect addition to salads and numerous health benefits, celery is a complete package! So go ahead and enjoy this gift from nature!

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