Basking in motherhood and exploring my latent culinary skills, is what I am enjoying now after few years of professional life as a Banker. Life’s journey for me started in the small peaceful town of ‘Pondicherry’; wedlock came along and took me to “the city that never sleeps ‘Mumbai’”. It was an amazing experience to learn to live life in a big city, and now opportunities have carried us all the way up north to the capital of the Country. The mixed culture, I am encountering and cherishing, comes with me into my kitchenette too! Well I love food and have loved it ever since I can remember. So what more with this platform as an extension of my interests, I go on to experiment and discover the art of cooking! Hope you enjoy reading and trying the recipes as much as I enjoy cooking and writing about it! Happy Cooking and always remember Chef Gusteau’s line “Anyone Can Cook!!!” 🙂

A Gerita Staney Quote

“Cooking is like music for your soul”

Uhmmm….noise from the mixer in my kitchen, music from the ladle hitting the saucepan, accompanied with the hissing sound of the pressure cooker, here we are…Ooo lala!