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Marshmallow Recipe


Today’s methinks: marshmallows have gone gourmet? On their own? Hmm, reflections needed. But anyway, today before getting on to the recipe, I want to deal with some thoughts and things that people keep commenting.

For eg: “Why should I buy bread if I get one packet for 10 bucks” or “If I get a bag of marshmallows for 40 bucks, why on earth would I take all the trouble to make it anyway?”.

Watch out, here’s the comeback: You get all that because someone else made it, first, sometime. Had it been for people like you, we would have been hunting and roasting wild boar by the jungle fire. Cooking and food are not just pills to survival but is an art that one should try to master, if you have that culinary side in you that is. Thank god there are not many people in the world who thinks alike.

Here’s the marshmallow recipe to cool angry foodies down.



Bon Apetit.

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