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Biscuit au chocolat noir – Biscuit with dark chocolate

‘Biscuit au chocolat noir’  in French, means biscuits in dark chocolate. This is a tempting flavoured mix of both dark chocolate and crushed biscuits. The chocolate melts to hit the tongue which brings about, a smooth and quick, explosion of a chocolaty flavour. The biscuits add to it a unique crunchy texture. The delicious and crunchy dessert makes your heart sing and your knees go weak! You may wonder there is nothing nutritionally redemptive in this sweet something. Well, that’s where the health part comes in –

With the above points, I guess, its right to claim this dessert is at least remotely good for you, except for those watching your waste line. Enjoy and Bon appétit!



Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 10

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