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Aam Ras -Ripe Mango Puree

Aam Ras

Come summer and every child and the child in every adult yearns for mangoes; even the diabetic, for whom this is a forbidden fruit. Though an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it is a mango a day that keeps heart attack at bay. It may be noted that it is one mango per adult per day, which is recommended. The fruit is rich in Magnesium which tones up the muscles of the heart. The rich taste of a mango irrespective of the variety just prompts one to go a little further to procure it. Mango puree or Aam ras as it is fondly known is served as a dessert during summer or even as an accompaniment with pooris or roti. In this method below I have not added sugar as the mango was sweet enough, so sugar may be added depending on the type of mango.


Aam Ras – Ripe Mango Puree



Preparation time: 5 mins

Serves: 3

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