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#1CommonPlate: Clafoutis by Maureen Wyatt

One of the wonderful things about Canada being a multicultural nation is the variety of cuisine that is part of our daily lives. I’m particularly fond of Canadian adaptations of French recipes. Clafoutis is a traditional fruit dessert recipe from the Limousin region of France. Originally made with black cherries, this dessert easily adapts to whatever fruit is available. It is simple to make, economical and has wonderful visual appeal. It tastes great too! I’m using Bosch pears for my version of fruit baked in a custard filling. Any kind of pear will work, but I think Bosch retains it’s sweet flavour best when baked. You will want the pears to be firm, so they hold their shape well during baking.

Clafoutis is also is a great breakfast treat on a special occasion. To make it truly Canadian, I drizzled some pure maple syrup over the wedges in place of the powdered sugar. What a wonderful treat on Christmas morning!








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