#SmallSizeDiwali: 6 Steps to Eat Wisely and Have a Guilt-Free Diwali

Diwali is all about celebrating life with brightness and positivity. Is your mind too pre-occupied with the fear of gaining extra kilos during Diwali? Don’t spoil this festive season by refraining yourself from delicious sweets and snacks. Listen to us and follow our smart choices, which will definitely ensure that you have a Diwali full of smiles and good food, and the bonus is that your waist size still remains the same! Here are our tips for #SmallSizeDiwali:


Diwali snacks
Watch out what you are eating this Diwali. Share your Diwali sweet!
  1. Watch your diet: Smart people pre-plan. Keep a check on what you are eating not just during Diwali, but also during a week preceding the festival. Eat each meal healthy, and that starts with a low-calorie breakfast! Ensure that you eat small meals after every 4-5 hours. If possible, eat simple, home-cooked food that are cooked in less oil. At home or at work, make sure that you drink enough water during the day. Drinking green tea twice a day helps to flush away toxins from the body and reduce metabolic disorders.
  1. Say “No” to colas and alcohol: Festive season is the perfect excuse to sip aerated beverages, which does no good to the body. Remember, a bottle of your favourite fizzy beverage adds almost 145 calories to your diet. Same applies to alcohol. It adds a lot of unwanted calories to your system. Clubbed with heavy food, alcohol or aerated beverages do every bit of effort to make you fat!
  1. Stay active: Even if you have a hectic lifestyle, take out some time for workout. Even if you are not a gym-person, walking for atleast 30 minutes a day doesn’t hurt. Don’t have time to go out? Try jogging or skipping at the comfort of your home itself. Yoga works wonders too! Turn on music and dance for an hour. Sounds doable?
  1. Exercise portion control to celebrate #SmallSizeDiwali. This is the perfect way to stay in shape, while eating every sinful food that you crave for. So, if you are hogging on those Kaju Katlis, just wait. Eat just one or two. Better, divide one Kaju Katli with a few of your friends or family members and feel content. You are still enjoying a Kaju Katli, but without worrying about weight, right?

Eat Healthy Sweets

  1. Eating low-calorie foods, including sweets, helps a lot. Nowadays, if you do some research, it is not too difficult to find out shops/home-bakers selling low-calorie Diwali sweets. Whatever you eat, ensure that it is not deep-fried or cooked in loads of oil, ghee or butter. Ideally, eat foods rich in fibre and water content. Eat a low-carb, light dinner. Do not skip meals, though. If you feel too full during a meal, have a glass of buttermilk instead. Sweets dipped in sugar syrup should also be eaten in moderation. If given a choice between picking up dry fruits and sweets, always pick up dry fruits. Almonds, walnuts, dates or pistachios are the best. Avoid cashewnuts.

pumpkin halwa

  1. Choose the sweets wisely. Rasmalai, quinoa kheer, corn halwa, low-fat kulfis or pumpkin halwa are some of the sweet dishes that you can try this Diwali to celebrate it in a healthy way.

Happy #SmallSizeDiwali to all our Slurrpy readers!

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