Rum Cola Magik Potion

Rum Kola Magik Potion

Conceived out of necessity, this party favorite happened in our very own kitchen and it involves the fiery combination of rum, cola and *cough* mango? Oh yes. Mango juice! And believe us when we tell you that it is the best cocktail recipe we’ve made in a long long time.
With a strong hint of rum, a dash of lime, a rush of mango sweetness and of course the spirit of cola, this magik potion works quite well with us: beware this is served in a high ball glass and we’d advice you to sip than gulp for you do not want to have a bad hangover.


Rum Cola Magik Potion



  • 40 ml old monk,
  • 60 ml coke
  • 40 ml mango juice
  • 4 drops lime juice
  • 5 no.s ice


  • Crush ice and put in a highball glass. Top it off with rum, mango juice and cola.
  • Pour 4 drops of lime juice and stir, don’t shake.

Serve and watch them all party!

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