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Homemade Kahlua

Homemade Kahlua

Morning people! We are up and about to talk alcohol today again – what’s with the beautiful weather and all that we just cannot get our mind out of a beautiful cocktail or two. Yesterday, we talked about “White Russian” – a cocktail made with Vodka and coffee liqueur, and soon after the post, we were bombarded with questions.

“Coffee liqueur – What brand, what price, where can we get it, is there a substitute? I stay really far from Mumbai and I’d love to know how to make coffee liqueur.”

We first thought of replying to each one of you individually, but that wouldn’t have solved the basic problem and we wouldn’t be living to our name – a common man’s guide to awesome food – if we don’t teach you from scratch.

Coffee liqueur is a drink that is aromatic and rich in coffee flavour. Coffee liqueur has a shot of coffee – one that can be had straight or mixed with cream and other mixers. You can buy coffee liqueur from a liquor store. It costs anywhere between Rs. 1,100/- and Rs. 1,600/-. There are two main brands that cater with coffee liqueur – Kahlua and Tia Maria. Both are equally good for the purpose.

Or like us, if you want to make your own coffee liqueur, trust Slurrpy! This is difficulty-level-zero cooking.


Homemade Kahlua





Boil sugar and water in a pan, along with instant coffee. Boil for about 30 min or more, altering heat from high to medium and constantly stirring. Once the mixture reduces to a sticky consistency, add vanilla beans and pod.

Cook mixture till the point when a drop of it when put on a cold surface holds shape and is sticky to touch.

Cool it down to room temperature before adding the Rum. If you add Rum before, it’ll evaporate.

Cool. Bottle. Surprise people with your cocktail-making skills.

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