Ajwain(Bishop’s weed) and Tulsi(Basil) Chutney

The Sunday morning sun, peeking through the drapes, was smiling at me. Lazily, I turned away and slipped under my soft covers with eyes shut stubborn, not wanting to think of the day’s chores ahead. Breakfast! I almost stumbled out of bed when I realized that there was hardly any time to prepare a sumptuous Happy Sunday Family breakfast (that’s what my 3 year old daughter calls it!).

Puzzled, I stepped out of my chamber. My mother-in-law greeted me with a warm and comforting smile, which assured me that she had already thought of a quick-fix breakfast. While I was still trying to figure out what was on her mind, she walked me to our garden and picked up fresh leaves of Ajwain (Bishop’s weed) and Tulsi (Basil) and suggested chutney, as a filling for sandwich.

Relieved, with a smile, I thanked my mum-in-law for always being there for me. The fragrance of these herbs invigorated my primary sense of smell and of course taste, giving it a perfect touch to our Happy Sunday family Breakfast.

Ingredients for the chutney:


  • 4-5  rosettes of Ajwain leaves (Bishop’s weed)
  • A handful of tulsi leaves (Basil)
  • 1 onion (chopped into four pieces)
  • 1 cm long piece of ginger

Optional ingredients

  • 1 Green chilli
  • 2 tbsp of fresh grated coconut or 2 tsp of roasted coarsely ground Peanuts.


Blend all the above ingredients in a mixer.

Your chutney is ready. Serve as an accompaniment with rotis, rice, and dosas or as filling for sandwich.

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