Salma Hayek’s Favorite food

Although one might expect a sad set of favorites from Hollywood beauties, as a result of their rigorous diets, this Mexican beauty is “no shy to try a palate that is a beet deferent”. Surprisingly this bombshell’s favorite is a simple starchy food- Grilled Corn over coal in its husk and an autumn refresher aka an easy to whip up vodka infusion- Raspberry Cordial!Oh, oh. You are highly mistaken if you think she is not fussy about her food. To have simple choices and to be fussy are two different things, y’all! Her degree of perfection in what she eats is so important to her that she has actually trained international chefs around the world and also first class sections of Air France as to how to make it and serve when she visits! Now, that’s being serious about food. We love her.
Let’s see how to recreate this Tawny beauty’s favorite platter!



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