Designed to keep up with the ever-so-curious appetites of the average foodie from the block, Slurrpy caters to anyone and everyone who harbors a passion for good food. So, when you’re out fishing for some dope on exclusive culinary delights and slurrp  thereafter in the name of lip-smacking mouth watering and unparalleled divine food, Slurrpy is your answer. Amen.

Why Slurrpy? We’ll tell you why.

It has over 654 recipes and experiences

It uncovers the world’s best kept secret recipes from top-notch restaurants and also boasts of an offline presence

It has a world appeal and gives you the advantage of a global exposure

Active contribution to the “hunger hatao” revolution

See, Slurrpy is one of India’s booming sites and ropes in everything that’s chiefly food. And by being so good to people who likes to cook or cooks who like people, it has rendered a lingering mark in the online culinary zone. We are a bunch of foodies who believe that ‘only eat and no share make foodies obese and doesn’t contribute to the ‘hunger hatao andolan’. So, here we are sharing our secrets, for the greater cause.

We say lets spread the word.

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