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No. Thirteen Is Now Lucky!



Number 13 is unlucky no more! Far from bringing on ill luck, the much feared figure can actually be the harbinger of health and happiness. In fact, it’s that magic number that can help keep you fighting fit—at least if you are snacking or sipping on soya. The humble bean is loaded with 13 essential nutrients, making it a treasure trove of health goodies that the body needs to stay fit and fine. Studies from across the world term soya a “wonder food” which offers the body necessary nutrients in almost the perfect proportions. If you though eating healthy means cutting down on taste, think again. Soya is a stellar example of how nutritious meals can be fun. Cook it, extract its milk or simply add it to juice, the soya bean is delicious on the palate and high on nutrition.


So, what’s packed in that bean-in-the-pod? Soya contains 13  important nutrients like high quality proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, iron, fibre, folic acid, Vitamins B1 B2, and B6, potassium and phosphorous, and zinc which make it a powerhouse of health. The American Heart Association terms soya as a food with good quality vegetarian protein source and the USDA guidelines 2010 lists soya as one of the can haves on the dinner plate. From being naturally cholesterol and lactose free, to containing essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, soya comes with all-round health benefits.  The bean is known to contain 45 per cent high quality plant proteins, which are comparable to egg proteins, and 18 – 20 per cent lipids, of which the main contribution is from good fats or polyunsaturated fats, making it a wonder food across the world.


Soya is often known as the herbivore’s protein fix containing all the essential amino acids in the right ratio. Rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 & 6, consuming 25 to 50 gm of the bean everyday is known to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood, lowering heart-related ailments. The fibre is known to regulate bowel movement while naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals are essential for overall growth, development and maintenance of health with these multiple health benefits, soya can be included in your meal plan.

Kissan Soya Milk packed with the goodness of Soya, is a great way to supplement your daily dose of healthy nutrients. Kissan also brings to you a great blend of taste and health, by combining delicious fruit juice and healthy soya milk called Kissan Fruit juice and Soya. The range available as regular soy milk and as a blend of fruit juice and soya milk with 9 vitamins and minerals can be consumed as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


About the Author

Ms. Meera Srinivasan is a Nutritionist with the Hindustan Unilever Limited Research Centre, who gives us a detailed insight on the commonly overlooked, and yet with so much potential, the humble bean who’s existence generally does not go beyond the packaged soya chunks in our daily life. It is time to go break the conventional image of soya and give it a complete food status. The world has already given in to the power of soya. Did you? Go on and enjoy the power of 13!


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