Madhuri Dixit’s favorite food!

Madhuri Dixit: The smile that blinds a million stars, the face that’s everyone’s envy. The lady walks with elegance and grace is her attire. And perhaps all that we say is nothing but a desperate attempt to describe her ethereal beauty. She totally hails from heaven. But strangely enough, Madhuri Dixit’s favorite food has its feet quite glued on the ground. It’s Kande Pohe, Zunka Bhakri and Modak– 3 mouth watering dishes from Maharashtrian Cuisine!

During a special tat-e-tat with Sanjeev Kapoor, she revealed that this by far had been her favorite food and one more- a special salad with bell peppers made by her husband Shriram Nene. Of course we won’t disclose that special salad recipe though; save that here’s the food that makes Madhuri Dixit smile.




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