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Vaazhaipoo Vada

Healthy, delicious and easy to cook. Ingredients: Banana flower(vaazhaipoo) Chenna dal-1cup cumin seeds-half spoon green chilly-3 rice flour-4spoon salt to taste curry leaves-3spoon full coriander for flavour oil to fry…

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Dry Fruit Chocolate Rolls

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, chopped   :       50 Gms Almonds, chopped       :       50 Gms Pistachios, chopped    :       50 Gms Drinking chocolate     :       50 Gms Dry (desiccated) coconut powder:      ½ cup Marie Biscuits…

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Ingredients: (For Base) Plain flour:   1 cup Salt:   According to taste Sugar:  1 tsp Yeast:  10 Gms Oil:    3 tsp Water:  ¼ cup (For Stuffing) Onion, chopped: ½ cup Carrot,…

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